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2 Chronicles Chapter 17 | Parsha:

1His son Jehoshaphat succeeded him as king, and took firm hold of Israel. 2He stationed troops in all the fortified towns of Judah, and stationed garrisons throughout the land of Judah and the cities of Ephraim which his father Asa had captured. 3The Lord was with Jehoshaphat because he followed the earlier ways of his father David, and did not worship the Baalim, 4but worshiped the God of his father and followed His commandments—unlike the behavior of Israel. 5So the Lord established the kingdom in his hands, and all Judah gave presents to Jehoshaphat. He had wealth and glory in abundance. 6His mind was elevated in the ways of the Lord. Moreover, he abolished the shrines and the sacred posts from Judah.

7In the third year of his reign he sent his officers Ben-hail, Obadiah, Zechariah, Nethanel, and Micaiah throughout the cities of Judah to offer instruction. 8With them were the Levites, Shemaiah, Nethaniah, Zebadiah, Asahel, Shemiramoth, Jehonathan, Adonijah, Tobijah and Tob-adonijah the Levites; with them were Elishama and Jehoram the priests. 9They offered instruction throughout Judah, having with them the Book of the Teaching of the Lord. They made the rounds of all the cities of the Lord and instructed the people. 10A terror of the Lord seized all the kingdoms of the lands around Judah, and they did not go to war with Jehoshaphat. 11From Philistia a load of silver was brought to Jehoshaphat as tribute. The Arabs, too, brought him flocks: 7,700 rams and 7,700 he-goats. 12Jehoshaphat grew greater and greater, and he built up fortresses and garrison towns in Judah. 13He carried out extensive works in the towns of Judah, and had soldiers, valiant men, in Jerusalem. 14They were enrolled according to their clans. Judah: chiefs of thousands, Adnah the chief, who had 300,000 valiant men; 15next to him was Jehohanan the captain, who had 280,000; 16next to him was Amasiah son of Zichri, who made a freewill offering to the Lord. He had 200,000 valiant men. 17Benjamin: Eliada, a valiant man, who had 200,000 men armed with bow and buckler; 18next to him was Jehozabad, who had 180,000 armed men. 19These served the king, besides those whom the king assigned to the fortified towns throughout Judah.

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