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Isaiah Chapter 24 | Parsha:

The Lord will strip the earth bare,
And lay it waste,
And twist its surface,
And scatter its inhabitants.

2Layman and priest shall fare alike,
Slave and master,
Handmaid and mistress,
Buyer and seller,
Lender and borrower,
Creditor and debtor.

3The earth shall be bare, bare;
It shall be plundered, plundered;
For it is the Lord who spoke this word.

4The earth is withered, sear;
The world languishes, it is sear;
The most exalted people of the earth languish.

5For the earth was defiled
Under its inhabitants;
Because they transgressed teachings,
Violated laws,
Broke the ancient covenant.

6That is why a curse consumes the earth,
And its inhabitants pay the penalty;
That is why earth’s dwellers have dwindled,
And but few men are left.

7The new wine fails,
The vine languishes;
And all the merry-hearted sigh.

8Stilled is the merriment of timbrels,
Ended the clamor of revelers,
Stilled the merriment of lyres.

9They drink their wine without song;
Liquor tastes bitter to the drinker.

10Towns are broken, empty;
Every house is shut, none enters;

11Even over wine, a cry goes up in the streets:
The sun has set on all joy,
The gladness of the earth is banished.

12Desolation is left in the town
And the gate is battered to ruins.

13For thus shall it be among the peoples
In the midst of the earth:
As when the olive tree is beaten out,
Like gleanings when the vintage is over.

14These shall lift up their voices,
Exult in the majesty of the Lord.
They shall shout from the sea:

15Therefore, honor the Lord with lights
In the coastlands of the sea—
The name of the Lord, the God of Israel.

16From the end of the earth
We hear singing:
Glory to the righteous!
And I said:
I waste away! I waste away! Woe is me!
The faithless have acted faithlessly;
The faithless have broken faith!

17Terror, and pit, and trap
Upon you who dwell on earth!

18He who flees at the report of the terror
Shall fall into the pit;
And he who climbs out of the pit
Shall be caught in the trap.
For sluices are opened on high,
And earth’s foundations tremble.

19The earth is breaking, breaking;
The earth is crumbling, crumbling.
The earth is tottering, tottering;

20The earth is swaying like a drunkard;
It is rocking to and fro like a hut.
Its iniquity shall weigh it down,
And it shall fall, to rise no more.

21In that day, the Lord will punish
The host of heaven in heaven
And the kings of the earth on earth.

22They shall be gathered in a dungeon
As captives are gathered;
And shall be locked up in a prison.
But after many days they shall be remembered.

23Then the moon shall be ashamed,
And the sun shall be abashed.
For the Lord of Hosts will reign
On Mount Zion and in Jerusalem,
And the Presence will be revealed to His elders.

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