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Isaiah Chapter 34 | Parsha:

1Approach, O nations, and listen,
Give heed, O peoples!
Let the earth and those in it hear;
The world, and what it brings forth.

2For the Lord is angry at all the nations,
Furious at all their host;
He has doomed them, consigned them to slaughter.

3Their slain shall be left lying,
And the stench of their corpses shall mount;
And the hills shall be drenched with their blood,

4All the host of heaven shall molder.
The heavens shall be rolled up like a scroll,
And all their host shall wither
Like a leaf withering on the vine,
Or shriveled fruit on a fig tree.

5For My sword shall be drunk in the sky;
Lo, it shall come down upon Edom,
Upon the people I have doomed,
To wreak judgment.

6The Lord has a sword; it is sated with blood,
It is gorged with fat—
The blood of lambs and he-goats,
The kidney fat of rams.
For the Lord holds a sacrifice in Bozrah,
A great slaughter in the land of Edom.

7Wild oxen shall fall with them,
Young bulls with mighty steers;
And their land shall be drunk with blood,
Their soil shall be saturated with fat.

8For it is the Lord’s day of retribution,
The year of vindication for Zion’s cause.

9Its streams shall be turned to pitch
And its soil to sulfur.
Its land shall become burning pitch,

10Night and day it shall never go out;
Its smoke shall rise for all time.
Through the ages it shall lie in ruins;
Through the aeons none shall traverse it.

11Jackdaws and owls shall possess it;
Great owls and ravens shall dwell there.
He shall measure it with a line of chaos
And with weights of emptiness.

12It shall be called, “No kingdom is there,”
Its nobles and all its lords shall be nothing.

13Thorns shall grow up in its palaces,
Nettles and briers in its strongholds.
It shall be a home of jackals,
An abode of ostriches.

14Wildcats shall meet hyenas,
Goat-demons shall greet each other;
There too the lilith shall repose
And find herself a resting place.

15There the arrow-snake shall nest and lay eggs,
And shall brood and hatch in its shade.
There too the buzzards shall gather
With one another.

16Search and read it in the scroll of the Lord:
Not one of these shall be absent,
Not one shall miss its fellow.
For His mouth has spoken,
It is His spirit that has assembled them,

17And it is He who apportioned it to them by lot,
Whose hand divided it for them with the line.
They shall possess it for all time,
They shall dwell there through the ages.

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