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Job Chapter 23 | Parsha:

1Job said in reply:

2Today again my complaint is bitter;
My strength is spent on account of my groaning.

3Would that I knew how to reach Him,
How to get to His dwelling-place.

4I would set out my case before Him
And fill my mouth with arguments.

5I would learn what answers He had for me
And know how He would reply to me.

6Would He contend with me overbearingly?
Surely He would not accuse me!

7There the upright would be cleared by Him,
And I would escape forever from my judge.

8But if I go East—He is not there;
West—I still do not perceive Him;

9North—since He is concealed, I do not behold Him;
South—He is hidden, and I cannot see Him.

10But He knows the way I take;
Would He assay me, I should emerge pure as gold.

11I have followed in His tracks,
Kept His way without swerving,

12I have not deviated from what His lips commanded;
I have treasured His words more than my daily bread.

13He is one; who can dissuade Him?
Whatever He desires, He does.

14For He will bring my term to an end,
But He has many more such at His disposal.

15Therefore I am terrified at His presence;
When I consider, I dread Him.

16God has made me fainthearted;
Shaddai has terrified me.

17Yet I am not cut off by the darkness;
He has concealed the thick gloom from me.

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