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Job Chapter 24 | Parsha:

1Why are times for judgment not reserved by Shaddai?
Even those close to Him cannot foresee His actions.

2People remove boundary-stones;
They carry off flocks and pasture them;

3They lead away the donkeys of the fatherless,
And seize the widow’s bull as a pledge;

4They chase the needy off the roads;
All the poor of the land are forced into hiding.

5Like the wild asses of the wilderness,
They go about their tasks, seeking food;
The wilderness provides each with food for his lads;

6They harvest fodder in the field,
And glean the late grapes in the vineyards of the wicked.

7They pass the night naked for lack of clothing,
They have no covering against the cold;

8They are drenched by the mountain rains,
And huddle against the rock for lack of shelter.

9They snatch the fatherless infant from the breast,
And seize the child of the poor as a pledge.

10They go about naked for lack of clothing,
And, hungry, carry sheaves;

11Between rows [of olive trees] they make oil,
And, thirsty, they tread the winepresses.

12Men groan in the city;
The souls of the dying cry out;
Yet God does not regard it as a reproach.

13They are rebels against the light;
They are strangers to its ways,
And do not stay in its path.

14The murderer arises in the evening
To kill the poor and needy,
And at night he acts the thief.

15The eyes of the adulterer watch for twilight,
Thinking, “No one will glimpse me then.”
He masks his face.

16In the dark they break into houses;
By day they shut themselves in;
They do not know the light.

17For all of them morning is darkness;
It is then that they discern the terror of darkness.

18May they be flotsam on the face of the water;
May their portion in the land be cursed;
May none turn aside by way of their vineyards.

19May drought and heat snatch away their snow waters,
And Sheol, those who have sinned.

20May the womb forget him;
May he be sweet to the worms;
May he be no longer remembered;
May wrongdoers be broken like a tree.

21May he consort with a barren woman who bears no child,
Leave his widow deprived of good.

22Though he has the strength to seize bulls,
May he live with no assurance of survival.

23Yet [God] gives him the security on which he relies,
And keeps watch over his affairs.

24Exalted for a while, let them be gone;
Be brought low, and shrivel like mallows,
And wither like the heads of grain.

25Surely no one can confute me,
Or prove that I am wrong.

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