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Job Chapter 37 | Parsha:

1Because of this, too, my heart quakes,
And leaps from its place.

2Just listen to the noise of His rumbling,
To the sound that comes out of His mouth.

3He lets it loose beneath the entire heavens—
His lightning, to the ends of the earth.

4After it, He lets out a roar;
He thunders in His majestic voice.
No one can find a trace of it by the time His voice is heard.

5God thunders marvelously with His voice;
He works wonders that we cannot understand.

6He commands the snow, “Fall to the ground!”
And the downpour of rain, His mighty downpour of rain,

7Is as a sign on every man’s hand,
That all men may know His doings.

8Then the beast enters its lair,
And remains in its den.

9The storm wind comes from its chamber,
And the cold from the constellations.

10By the breath of God ice is formed,
And the expanse of water becomes solid.

11He also loads the clouds with moisture
And scatters His lightning-clouds.

12He keeps turning events by His stratagems,
That they might accomplish all that He commands them
Throughout the inhabited earth,

13Causing each of them to happen to His land,
Whether as a scourge or as a blessing.

14Give ear to this, Job;
Stop to consider the marvels of God.

15Do you know what charge God lays upon them
When His lightning-clouds shine?

16Do you know the marvels worked upon the expanse of clouds
By Him whose understanding is perfect,

17Why your clothes become hot
When the land is becalmed by the south wind?

18Can you help him stretch out the heavens,
Firm as a mirror of cast metal?

19Inform us, then, what we may say to Him;
We cannot argue because [we are in] darkness.

20Is anything conveyed to Him when I speak?
Can a man say anything when he is confused?

21Now, then, one cannot see the sun,
Though it be bright in the heavens,
Until the wind comes and clears them [of clouds].

22By the north wind the golden rays emerge;
The splendor about God is awesome.

23Shaddai—we cannot attain to Him;
He is great in power and justice
And abundant in righteousness; He does not torment.

24Therefore, men are in awe of Him
Whom none of the wise can perceive.

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